Hi, friends! Happy Week of the Young Child(TM)! Join me over the next few days as we explore some of the ways you can share experiences with your little learner (0-5yrs) to celebrate #woyc18. First up - MUSIC MONDAY! 

The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) is hosting its week-long celebration of little learners, their teachers, and their families April 16-20, 2018. Each day of this week is focused on a different theme that is important to early childhood. For a list of suggested activities and resources, checkout NAEYC’s WOYC Overview.

  • Music Monday – “Sing, dance, celebrate, and learn”
  • Tasty Tuesday – “Healthy eating and fitness at home and school”
  • Work Together Wednesday – “Work together, build together, learn together”
  • Artsy Thursday – “Think, problem solve, create”
  • Family Friday – “Sharing family stories”


As a Certified Zumbini® Instructor, and someone who has worked with young children and their families, I fully believe in the power of the Zumbini® program. So, naturally, the first thing that came to mind when thinking of Monday’s #woyc18 music theme was…Zumbini®! Children benefit from any exposure to music; however, the vibrant energy and amazing music inherent to live classes, take home materials, and the Zumbini® Time TV show enable and encourage families to “sing, dance, celebrate, and learn” TOGETHER!

Haven’t tried Zumbini® yet? No worries, just jump over to our Zumbini® page or visit www.zumbini.com to register for a demo and class sessions!

NAEYC explains that, “[t]hrough music, children develop math, language, and literacy skills - All while having fun and being active!” What better way to celebrate Music Monday with your little learner than by participating in Zumbini® class, reading your Zumbini® story/song book, singing along with your Zumbini® CD, dancing to the music on the Zumbini® app, or following along with Zumbini® Time?! While you and your incredible little one have a blast with Zumbini®, here’s a very quick look at some of the amazing ways you’re actually helping to facilitate early learning. (Caregiver, you rock!)

Developing Math Skills*

  • Numbers & Operations: counting lyrics, numbered drum beats, etc. 
  • Patterns: repeating choreography, finger play, lyrics, class structure
  • Geometry: recognizing spatial relationships between self/classmates or illustrations in the story/song book
  • Measuring: counting steps in choreography
  • Collecting/organizing: returning materials during class 
*Categories derived from Greenburg, Jan: https://www.naeyc.org/sites/default/files/globally-shared/Images/resources/pubs/rockingandrolling_yc0512.pdf

Developing Language Skills

  • Hearing, learning, memorizing song lyrics through exposure to music and class materials

o   Encourages “fluency (smoothness of speech), pronunciation, enunciation (speaking clearly), and vocabulary”**

  • Taking part in repetition songs that encourage class participation***
  • Interacting with peers and caregivers; observing interactions among peers/caregivers
**Bullard, J.: https://www.education.com/reference/article/music-center-enhance-children-development/
***Cortese, Rachel: https://childmind.org/article/helping-toddlers-expand-their-language-skills/

Developing Literacy Skills

  • Exploring story/song book
  • Bolstering auditory processes/memory – learning how sounds come together, distinguishing between pitches, inflection, volume****
  • Encouraging writing/scissor skills through motor movements (Read our blog post!) 
****Tarbert, Kelsey: http://www.luther.edu/oneota-reading-journal/archive/2012/learning-literacy-through-music/

Developing Social-Emotional Skills (Having Fun)

  • Working together to make music, collect materials
  • Experiencing the therapy of singing/dancing/playing with other little ones & caregivers**
  • Building self-confidence through bonding and self-expression (singing, dancing, and playing)

Developing Gross Motor Skills (Being Active)

  • Increasing self-regulation through spatial and body awareness (Read our blog post!)
  • Strengthening coordination, balance, flexibility through movement**


With so much growth and development happening within the first few years of life, this is the best time to foster a life-long love of learning—and that’s something to celebrate! Have so much fun enjoying music with your little learner and I look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow for Tasty Tuesday!