Beat Summer Slide & a BIG GIVEAWAY!

Can you believe that the school year’s over and summer is just around the corner?! Interestingly, I’ve noticed two recurring topics in speaking with my early childhood educator friends and my caregiver-of-babies/toddlers/preschoolers friends lately. My teacher friends are concerned about their students not being productively engaged during the long break and the dreaded Summer Slide (aka regression of skills and information gained during the school year). Meanwhile, my caregiver friends are in search of activities within the community that will keep their children away from the mesmerizing grasp of summertime TV.

These are absolutely valid concerns. There may be some merit in send-home work packets and/or running your little ones to back-to-back summer camps and activities, but Summer Slide can be easily avoided with a fun, hassle-free summer Zumbini® session. (Stay with me, there’s a giveaway coming-up!)

Click HERE to register for our summer Zumbini® classes!

So, how can Zumbini® help you keep your little learner engaged and thwart skill/knowledge regression? We know that summer can be pretty hectic, so here’s a quick list:

  • Developing Literacy/Language Skills
    • Exploring story/song book
    • Bolstering auditory processes/memory – learning how sounds come together, distinguishing between pitches, inflection, volume
    • Encouraging writing and scissor skills through fine motor movements (Missed the blog post? Read it HERE.)
    • Learning and memorizing song lyrics through exposure to music and class materials
      • Encourages “fluency (smoothness of speech), pronunciation, enunciation (speaking clearly), and vocabulary”*
    • Participating in repetition songs that encourage class participation**
    • Interacting with peers and caregivers; observing interactions among peers/caregivers
*Bullard, J.:
**Cortese, Rachel:
  • Developing Math Skills
    • Counting lyrics, numbered drum beats, etc. (number and operations)
    • Repeating choreography, finger play, lyrics, class structure (patterns)
    • Recognizing spatial relationships between self and classmates or illustrations in the story/song book (geometry)
    • Counting steps in choreography (measuring)
    • Returning instruments and materials during class (collecting and organizing information)
Categories derived from Greenburg:
  • Developing Social-Emotional Skills
    • Child/caregiver bonding, child/child bonding
    • Working together to make music
    • Experiencing the therapeutic nature of singing, dancing, and playing with other little learners and caregivers
    • Building self-confidence through self-expression in singing, dancing, and playing
  • Developing Motor Skills
    • Increasing self-regulation through spatial awareness
    • Strengthening coordination, balance, flexibility through movement
    • Finger play and instrument play to promote fine motor movement

Based on the wonderful success stories from our own Zumbini® students, we believe that Zumbini® is perfectly capable of helping little learners not only retain information and skills, but also to further develop and excel during their summer vacation!

This is where the giveaway comes in...We want as many little learners and their caregivers as possible to get to experience the amazing benefits of Zumbini®, so we’re giving away two FREE 6 week Zumbini® Summer Sessions to one new student and one repeat Hili Volume student. This includes registration AND class materials!

How do you get in on the giveaway awesomeness?

First, if you are local to the Staunton area and you and your 0-5 year-old have never experienced Zumbini® before, REGISTER for and attend our FREE Zumbini® demo class on Saturday, June 2 to see what we're all about. Next, FOLLOW The PlayGround on Facebook and stay tuned for giveaway updates over the next few days! Good luck!