What is The PlayGround?

The PlayGround is a family-owned play café that provides superior whole-person development products and services to children 0-5 years old and their adult caregivers (parents, grandparents, nannies, babysitters, etc.). Our offerings include:

  • Safe, indoor environment for young children and their caregivers to learn through play—TOGETHER
  • Toys and learning implements that are safe for both children and the environment
  • Center-based learning materials (similar to a preschool) with rotating themes
  • Dramatic play area with rotating themes
  • Reading nook with an age-appropriate library
  • Homework station for children over 5 years old who attend with younger patrons
  • Modest coffee bar with seating and a selection of parenting and childcare reference materials
  • Structured group activities
  • Age-appropriate seasonal celebrations
  • Event planning and venue rental
  • Professional photography
  • Massage therapy

Our Policies

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Membership to The Playground is in the name of the child, with up to four adults listed as caregivers. Membership allows clients unlimited access to play and learning materials* during business hours, whether engaging in caregiver-supervised free-play and play groups, or structured learning activities. Members receive free admission to activities offered at The PlayGround and periodic members-only discounts and incentives.

1 Month Pass $43 per child, 4-9mo**
1 Month Pass $85 per child, 10mo-5yr**

**$30 each add’l same-household child, 4mo-9mo;
$65 each add'l same-household child, 10mo-5yr

Basic Admission allows caregivers and children entrance into The PlayGround for one visit, limited to normal business hours for one day. Basic Admission provides unlimited access to play and learning materials*, whether engaging in caregiver-supervised free play and play groups, or structured learning activities. Individuals entering the area for activities must pay an additional class fee.

Free 0-3mo
$5 per child, 4-9mo
$10 per child, 10mo-5yr

A Ten Visit Pass provides non-members the same benefits as Basic Admission, but is offered at a discounted rate.

Ten Visit Pass: $45 per child, 4-9mo / $90 per child, 10mo-5yr