Sarah (L) and Hannah (R)

Sarah (L) and Hannah (R)

Who We Are and What We Do

Sarah and Hannah are sisters and mommies passionate about all things young child and family. After military service, Sarah and Hannah and their husbands chose to relocate to Staunton, VA to start and raise their families.




Hello! I'm Sarah. I am an experienced stay-at-home mommy. I hold a Master of Arts degree in Intelligence Studies and I am a firm believer that we all must be taught how (not what) to think. Since the First Five Years of a child's life affect the rest of his/her development, early childhood is the perfect time to help your child form a strong foundation for future growth. I love to develop and source learning and play materials, experiences, and situations that provide opportunities for cognitive, motor, social, and emotional development. 

With both of our backgrounds in music, Latin dance, and Spanish, as well as our championing of early childhood development, Hannah and I are thrilled to be licensed Zumbini®Zumba® Kids Jr, and Zumba® Kids Instructors. We can't say enough about how incredible programs are. 


Hi, I'm Hannah! I am a mommy experienced in working outside the home full-time. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Technical Photography and have photo-documented my travels all over the world. As a mommy, I know how important documenting milestones is and I strive to capture happy memories through life events photography at The PlayGround. I also hold a Massage Therapy Certification through the Virginia Board of Nursing and am delighted to provide our therapeutic massage clients a unique experience tailored to their needs.